“We had the pleasure this past Sunday to not only look at one of your wonderful creations but also taste it. It was a sewing machine that looked too good to eat and it was delicious!!! Hubby showed pictures of it later to a friend who thought it was a wood carving. Sweet Elegance, satisfies both the eyes and the taste buds, thank you.”

-Dar M.

“INCREDIBLE pastry chef!! Her sincere passion is evident in her amazing cakes & treats which taste just as fantastic as they look! And she couldn’t be any sweeter herself 🙂 Brace yourself for a one of a kind cake!!”

Christina H.


“Our guests were completely blown away with the presentation and taste. Great Job!!”

Calvin B.


“Lindsey is so talented, she puts so much hard work and love into her cakes. She made a special red velvet cake for us and we absolutely loved it! Our guests said it was the best cake they’ve ever tasted and it was gorgeous! Thank  you so much Lindsey for your hard work.”

Bree C.


“Thank you so much for your contribution in making our wedding a memorable event for us and our guests!”

Edy & Tray H.


“Lindsey amazed us with what she came up with for our special birthday cake. Thank you for being a part of our day. Your talent and ability to create will take you a long way. GREAT JOB!”

Will B.